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Balance First

Children at St Patrick's Primary School in Corby have been enjoying a busy week of cycling activities thanks to the Bikeability Plus programme funded through Northamptonshire County Council.

Reception class pupils have been zooming around on balance bikes every morning, helping them develop their agility, balance and co-ordination skills through fun role-play activities. The youngsters have now mastered the art of the ‘push and glide’ preparing for the next step, learning to ride a bike!

Mrs Russell (Teaching Assistant for Reception class) said:

“It has been great seeing the children grow in confidence each session. Some were unsure to begin with but now they are whizzing around. For some it has resulted in an increase in confidence back in the classroom too.”

Afternoons were dedicated to year 1 & 2 children who were not yet riding a bike. A number of 1 hour sessions were delivered to small groups focusing on giving them the know-how and confidence to pedal for the very first time.

The impact has been very positive throughout the whole school and the school tweeted a lovely post about the training. Sharon Hewitt (PE Co-ordinator) said:

“I was so excited by the opportunity to arrange these activities for the school. Along with the Bikeability Level 1 & 2 courses we have enjoyed seeing the children from all year groups build their skills and confidence and enjoyment of cycling”.

For more information on our school Cycling Activities please visit our web page

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